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Only Provito members can earn while they learn. Learn about Denver, housing, life and even love. Anyone can sponsor segments they believe in, but only members can post new segments for the community.





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We’re in early access as of February 2021. Some things may be rough and slow, but we’ll get there and help more people get into an early, meaningful retirement.

We want to help people get to an early, meaningful retirement. We also think the traditional advice of “Go to college and take on debt to get a job” or “you have to buy a house” does way more harm than good.

We choose to invest in people, and we’re willing to put our money behind our message. We also believe your time is valuable, which is why we are willing to pay for your time.

In this early phase, it’s topics that people would typically advertise on Facebook or Google like shops, events, and clubs. 

There are also some bonus segments that Provito really, really believe in and want to share with you.

For now, no pre-requisites and we’re only in English. Over time, there may be some pre-reqs needed to “level up”

And new languages will come over time. Since Spanish is a massive part of Denver, we’ll probably add that first.

As many as are available. There is a certain pool of funds available for each segment. When that runs down, you can join the waitlist to earn if someone refills the pool.

Purchase the above “Post a Segment”, and a Provito teammate will reach out and help launch a segment with you.

In general, you watch a 1 to 2 minute video, answer a question to show you paid attention, and that’s it for now. More advanced topics may have different criteria, but in this early stage that is too complex for us to build.