Provito’s Philosophy: Build Equity While Renting

american flag symbol to build equity

Imagine a society where the poorest, hardest working renters today become the principled landlords of tomorrow. They ignore their history and expectations, the odds and systems working against them. They build businesses, get involved and take risks for their neighbors.

After celebrating our 243rd 4th of July, it’s clear this has been the American story from the beginning. These stories have been happening long before the orphan-immigrant Alexander Hamilton shaped the initial federal government. It continues to happen long after Abraham Lincoln restored the Union, and Vietnam-era veterans returned home to hostility.

Not every country has this freedom, and yet many in the United States don’t see a clear way past mounting debt, low wages, and the risk of paycheck to paycheck life.

Provito exists to embrace the opportunities we have in America, while helping perceived-underdogs and dutiful citizens become the principled landlords of the future. We help tenants build equity while renting.

Provito’s Vision (why):

a housing system that works for residents to build equity while renting

Provito’s Mission:

Help all responsible, fair, and hard-working people become top-quality landlords (Especially renters who are stuck in the high cost of low income)

Provito’s Values:

1. Extreme Customer Fixation

Work so damn hard on creating value for our customers.

See what customers do, where they spend their resources, and find creative ways to serve them better.

2. Antifragility

Strengthen from stress

Enjoy uncertainty, don’t forecast

Keep options and cutoffs

Don’t over leverage, screw debt

3. Connection

We’re human, we all long for connection

Don’t ever allow our customers and partners to feel alone, they’re not

Strengthen social capital, create it where possible

4. Justice/Responsibility

We’re responsible for what happens to us, our customers, and our communities

If we do something poorly, then we accept & correct immediately

Hold accountability, firm & fair

Prevent ivory tower decision making

5. Frugality

Resources are hard earned, we must protect our customers & partners value

Compare things to first principles cost/value

Occam’s Razor — simple is elegant

6. Aesthetic Beauty

The above can easily lead to utilitarianism, no thanks

Our works should encourage, inspire

Demonstrate craftsmanship, keep soul in the game

How many boring cathedrals are there?

We’re human, aesthetics matter

Build Equity While Renting Started With The Family Tree

New ideas stem from earlier innovations. Here are some of the concepts that lead to the Provito Philosophy:

  • Jack Bogle from Vanguard — High fees aren’t good for investors — take enough, and let the pie grow. Ownership structure by the users for the users.
  • Mitch Daniels at Purdue — Avoid tribalism — It’s not about how few we accept, but how many do we prepare to succeed. Responsible, fiscally minded, long-term success, try before committing, trust everyday people.
  • Elon Musk — Build the best damn product possible from first principles. Not accepting what’s come from before. Go faster, create joy, have fun.
  • Teddy Roosevelt —Be in the arena.
  • The ancients — Leadership demands risk of loss. It’s not a matter of just how much you risk, but how much do you stick your own neck out.
  • Jocko Willink: When things fail, that’s good. Get on the warpath, which isn’t about going to war, but being prepared for it. Get better every day mentally, physically, combatively.
  • Stoicism: focus on what we can control. Not the past, not the future, but live in virtue in the present. Civic duty is part of living virtuously, help the hive.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Survival matters, antifragile, increase optionality, decrease fragility. Better to have ups and downs that don’t kill than to seek stability which has huge hidden risks. Ignore experts who don’t stick their neck out. Ignore what people say, watch what they do and where they put their time/money. Practice over theory. If you want to make the world better, start a business, avoid rent seeking and avoid virtue signaling. You can’t change human nature, you can’t change the market, so it’s foolish to plan a business around either of those things… instead structure business in a way that wins when human nature and the market acts like it does.

Provito’s Master Plan

  1. Help renters become landlords (Rent + Equity)
  2. Support industry of Rent + Equity styled solutions
  3. Build best possible investment properties possible

Now What

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