Good Renters Make Great Investments
We help landlords charm their best renters, while helping renters become future landlords.

Here’s how it works.

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Get qualified.

Tell us a little about your renting history and what you’re looking for.

find good renters

Pick a place and move in.

We partner with apartment and home landlords in cities and the suburbs, so we’ve got the place you’re searching for.

find good renters

Be a good neighbor.

You know – no wild parties, take care of the place. Attend a monthly meeting and get to know your neighbors.

being a good renter

Watch your equity build.

Each month you pay on time and attend your neighborhood meeting, your equity account grows. This fully vests over time and gives you medium and long-term savings, much like buying a home, but without the hassle of a mortgage.

Combine the best of buying and renting

Live maintenance and upkeep free, and no worrying about massive down payments or throwing money away on interest. Plus, you begin building equity immediately; unlike waiting 3+ years to break even when you buy a house.

Where does the money come from?

It’s pretty simple. When landlords get lousy tenants, it costs them money – money to repair damage, and money to clean and prep the place when properties turn quickly.

Provito helps landlords become more profitable by finding their ideal tenants and keeping them happy. Our renters know their neighbors understand a rental unit is someone else’s investment and treat that investment with respect.

The money that those landlords save? They keep some and share some with their renters who make it possible.

Make renting the best long-term choice for you.

We launch soon, and we’re actively looking for good renters and great landlords to join Provito now. Tell us a little more about you, and we’ll tell you a little more about us.