Win over Denver's most loyal renters
Limit move-outs, lower vacancies, cut pointless costs

Here’s how we find good renters for you.

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Are you local?

In this early stage, we’re only partnering with local landlords. The big guys have enough tools at their disposal–we want to help local landlords find good renters.

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We work with your Renters

We help renters learn how to be better renters, help them save, and show them what kind of work goes into being  a good landlord.

find good renters

Your renters feel connected.

With our loyalty program, your renters build a sense of place, they treat their place better and they stay longer.

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Long-term Savings.

You and your renters gain more benefits the longer you stick together. This creates a win-win for both of you, and it’s the way the landlord-renter relationship should be.

We don’t Incentivize Renters to Move Every Year

A lot of larger apartment complexes offer “1 month free”, “$1000 off for a 12 month lease”. All this does encourage renters to shop around each year. As a local landlord, you’re able to keep your best renters around longer. We make it easier to do so.

How Does it Work?

It’s pretty simple. When you sign up with Provito, we connect with your renters and set them up for our rewards program. You only let us know if they don’t uphold their end of the bargain, we’ll take care of the rest.

Make renting the best long-term choice for your tenants.

Even during this pandemic, we’re still running pilot projects this Fall of 2020 in the Denver Metro area. Contact us below if you’re interested in seeing how Provito can help your rental properties grow. This service is currently only available for local landlords.